1. How soon can you pick up my unwanted appliances?

  • Usually we are able to do same day pick ups of your unwanted appliances. We rarely exceed 2 business days.

2. Will you remove my appliance over the weekend?

  • Yes. Call us 7 days a week!

3. What if I am unable to be home during your pick up hours?

  • Not a problem. If you are unable to be home when we come to remove your appliances please have the appliance placed outdoors and it will be gone before you get home. For houses we prefer the appliance to be placed at the top of the drive way, closest to the home. For apartments, you can leave it by your front door on the day of removal.

4. What appliance do you not accept?

  • At the moment we do not accept water heaters, microwaves, dishwashers, or any gas powerd appliances. There is just not enough demand for us to remove these appliances to maintain our free appliance removal service.  We also ask if you could, please keep your appliances in one piece.

5. What areas do you offer your services to?

  • We offer service to anyone with in a 30 mile radius of Charlotte NC. If you are unsure if we can help you, please give us a call and we may make an exception.

6. Why are large retailers not allowing you to purchase their hauled away appliance removals?

  • After speaking with numerous retailers, mainly the famous ones, we discovered that they are blocking all used appliance stores from purchasing their haul away appliances from fear of competition and profit loss. After they haul away your used appliance they sell it to recycling centers which break down each appliance into small pieces and separates all the metals. The metals are then shipped to our competitors overseas to help them manufacture more products at lower costs. It does not matter if the appliance works or not, it is destroyed. We have even tried to purchase these appliances from the middle man and were told they were forced to sign a contract that if anyone tries to recondition the appliances the contract will be terminated. While we argued this was an un-American policy and that it would benifit multiple parties we were still denied. Our loss is your gain.

7. Do you also sell pre-owned appliances?

  • Yes. Please call us to inquire about availability.