Easy Process!

1. Call us or use the contact form above.

2. Let us know what type of appliance you need
us to remove.

3. Give us your address and set an appointment!

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Our Goal!

Our main goal is to save as many appliances from being destroyed as possible.

Every appliance removed by us is inspected to be reconditioned. It then continues it's life to help others maintain a comfortable life style that modern day appliances allow us to have.

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Need A Replacement Appliance?

We have a selection of used washers, dryers, refrigerators, and ranges. We can save you hundreds of dollars with our selection of used appliances.

Not only do we recycle appliances from the public, we also get a steady supply from dealers as well. Tell us what you need and we me be able to remove and replace your broken appliance with one visit!

What you should know about appliance recycling.

Most appliance removal companies take your appliances to scrap yards where they are paid pennies per pound for the metal. The appliances are then destroyed, being sent through a process to serparate the metals. What some may not know is that the metals collected from these scrap yards are then sent to overseas manufacturers where new products will be made with cheap labor to undercut American products. Another fact is that the used appliance industry is under attack by large retailers so they can gain profits. These large retailers support the destruction of your appliances so they can not be redistributed into the public.